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Suzanne Onorato

Engaging, Fun, Results-Oriented

Dr. Suzanne Onorato is an award-winning learning and organizational development professional with 15+ years of experience engaging leaders and teams in transforming ideas into action.  Suzanne is recognized for building partnerships, leading diverse teams, implementing successful change management practices and delivering results in ever-changing environments.  She has dedicated her life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations develop to their fullest potential and has worked with clients such as the United Way of Miami, Macy’s, the University of Florida, and Emory University School of Law to align processes with mission/goals, develop strategic plans, and facilitate leadership development.  She has an infectious way of engaging everyone she meets with her positive outlook.  Her engaging style and command of the process ensure participants are involved and leave them energized and armed with the skills and knowledge to take them to the next level.

Suzanne’s expertise includes:

  • Facilitating strategic planning processes that support alignment with organizational mission and goals using SWOT analysis, development of goals and objectives, and a clear action plan
  • Designing, executing, and measuring comprehensive and measurable learning and leadership development initiatives integrated with talent management processes
  • DEI strategist and educator; building foundational DEI programs that result in long-term, measurable change
  • Team development specialist: engaging teams toward a shared vision by facilitating understanding of collective goals and individual contributions, creating ownership and motivating individual and team action that leads to measurable results
  • Facilitating change management processes that create confident, optimistic stakeholders with the skills and commitment to ensure new initiatives succeed
  • Facilitating process improvement methods to help organizations identify ineffective processes and utilize techniques that support successful transformation
  • Crisis management planning, engagement and response – whether your organization is experiencing an internal crisis or responding to events that impact your community, understanding the unique needs of your stakeholders and developing a plan is essential for leaders today.


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