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Tierah Lothbrok

Tierah working for facilitation company

Tierah is a senior manager with Leadership Strategies, as well as the founder of a firm specializing in providing clients with consulting services in the areas of planned change, performance improvement/acceleration, culture assessment and alignment, strategic growth and vision refinement and attainment.

Tierah is accomplished in directing and leading multi-faceted, highly effective training initiatives in rapid growth, regulated environments. As a facilitator, she is extremely knowledgeable in the latest technology and methodology for developing skilled and motivated professionals who embrace continued growth. Tierah specializes in making complex concepts and technologies easy to understand and creating innovative training programs to improve performance.

Tierah is an award-winning facilitator, garnering multiple honors for the results achieved through her leadership and her ongoing contribution to the field. Leveraging her depth in training as well as meeting facilitation, she consistently delivers comprehensive, customized solutions that address the needs of the entire system rather that just treating a symptom within it. The results are sustainable, scalable and meaningful growth in individuals and elevated performance throughout the organization.

2015 – Gold Impact Award – International Association of Facilitators

2013 – Facilitator of the Year – South Eastern Association of Facilitators

2013 – Gold Impact Award – International Association of Facilitators

2009 – Facilitation Impact Award – South Eastern Association of Facilitators

2006 – 500 Fastest Growing Companies – Honored as a member of the six-person leadership team – Inc. Magazine

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