Most people who work in a corporate environment are required to attend many meetings. Team meetings, cross department meetings, special project meetings and on it goes until time is eaten away and other projects suffer. Virtual meetings are an effective way for businesses to stay connected while meeting in the least time-consuming manner. They are also cost-effective. As a result, companies have embraced virtual meetings as a part of their day-to-day employee management process.

Unfortunately, virtual meetings can derail easier than in-person meetings, so it’s critical to put some actions in place before the meeting even begins. According to some of today’s best online facilitators, here are five smart ways for attendees to prepare for virtual meetings.

Attendees should:

  1. Review the agenda in advance. Virtual meetings should be organized just like any other meeting, with a set agenda of topics. The overall goal of the meeting should be at the top of the agenda. Agendas should be available to every meeting member a minimum of two days before the meeting, to give everyone time to prepare properly.
  2. Check your technology. Attendees should run through logging in and using their audio. Technology glitches can be handled beforehand, so it doesn’t eat up the meeting time.
  3. Know who will be leading. The manager often leads the meeting, however, an idea that sparks engagement is to rotate the person in charge of the meeting. The meeting leader must keep the topics on track and the meeting progressing.
  4. Use your webcam. Knowing the meeting is not simply a conference call motivates more participation. Announce this in the invitation to ensure every member is dressed appropriately.
  5. Designate a note taker. As often happens, different people hear different things. In order for the meeting to spur action, everyone must leave the meeting on the same page. A note taker should write down all topics and the main points of discussion, and email it to all meeting members to review.

These five tips will assist companies in conducting more efficient meetings and meet their goals, while still saving time and cutting costs.

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