Do you have a passion for sharing learning opportunities with others? Just by being a host of public facilitation training, you can get free training AND invite others to join you for free. Here’s the 5-step guide to give and receive free training…

1.     Pick which training course you want  delivered to you and your peers. Choose from our public classes here.

2.     Find and secure a venue in your location where we can deliver our course to you and other participants at no rental cost. Got open space in your office building? Perfect! We’ll take our training to you.

3.     Contact us here. We’ll walk through the details with you.

4.     Share the word. Remember – by being the host of this arrangement, you will get three free seats in exchange for hosting. Will the free seats go to you and two of your peers? Or, perhaps, to three of your best clients? You decide! Plus, the other attendees will get unbeatable training rates.

5.     Let us take care of the rest. We’ll provide the finest facilitation training to you.

The Effective Facilitator is our most popular course many hosts have chosen. Read about why RGS hosted our facilitation training to significantly save costs!