Even in today’s recovering economy, small and large corporations alike continue to seek out and implement a variety of cost-cutting measures. After all, any amount they successfully whittle away from their overall expenditure is money that can put them more solidly in the black.

Our facilitation training services are an effective way to save your company money in the long run and improve your bottom line at the same time.

Focused Meetings Save Time and Money

It is estimated that America loses up to $200 billion a year on unproductive meetings alone. Executives and top-level managers report that they typically spend up to 25 percent of their time at work (12 weeks a year) in meetings that are ill-conceived, poorly run and end without clear, actionable goals.

Here at Leadership Strategies, we offer facilitation training courses that equip your company executives with the skills they need to run efficient, focused and productive meetings. Stop wasting the valuable time and energy of your highest-paid managers with pointless meetings. Productive office meetings put your team on the same page and give them the clarity of vision to work towards a common goal. Their focused efforts mean you save time and allocate precious resources on relevant and income-producing activities.

Build a Strong, Cohesive Team

Your employees will feel validated and valued when they feel they are part of a team that clearly influences the direction of the company. No one likes to be part of a crew team of a rudderless ship because this means any effort they exert will ultimately be pointless and inconsequential.

Part of our facilitation training is giving your company leaders the skills to build, inspire and direct a team successfully. The strength, longevity and success of any company rests on the shoulders of its people. We help you build the team you need to reach the goals you set for the company as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Strategic Planning Is Vital to Growth and Success

Steering your company to continued success requires the construction and implementation of a viable and effective plan with clear, actionable and measurable goals. Our strategic planning facilitation course guides your top-level executives and key personnel in developing such a plan for your company. We provide you with practical, step-by-step guidelines to craft a unique strategic vision for your company.

Effective facilitative leadership is the key to the success of any company. Contact us now and see how our training courses can unlock this door for you.