Do you already have a strategic plan? Our 21-point Strategic Plan Checkup is designed to provide you with a complete assessment of the strength of your strategic plan and implementation process. We will examine your vision, mission goals, measures, values, critical success factors, strategies and monitoring process to identify the strengths of your existing plan as well as areas that may warrant attention and possible adjustment.

How Does the Checkup Work?

  1. It starts with a mutual non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality.
  2. Then, you provide your organization’s existing strategic plan document including each of the following components if available:
    1. Mission
    2. Vision
    3. Values and guiding principles
    4. Strategic positioning
    5. Goals and objectives
    6. Critical success factors and barriers
    7. Strategies and initiatives
    8. Action plans and tactics
    9. Communication plan
    10. Monitoring plan
    11. Most recent update on results
  1. We will analyze your existing plan and lay it out using the highly acclaimed, 11×17 Drivers Model format. This format will visually identify key gaps in your existing strategic framework.
  2. We will then analyze the plan against our 20-point assessment model and prepare a two-to-three page report of our findings and recommendations.
  3. We will send you the report, the 20-point assessment, and the 11×17 format.
  4. Finally, we will hold a web meeting with you to review the findings and recommendations and to discuss possible next steps.

The 21-Point Assessment

The assessment is grouped into four major components as shown below: pre-planning, planning, transition, monitoring and adjustment.

The Strategy Layout

The strategy layout is and 11×17 page folded in half. Below is the front page, back page, and the two inside pages.