Issue Resolution

Opposing perspectives happen. Get support from an experienced conflict resolution facilitator. We’ll help you address trouble areas, build agreement around a solution, and move toward resolution.

Typically, businesses form groups and committees to complete large projects. Many times those groups need to make tough decisions, and with individual concerns and agendas, disagreements and disputes can arise. How do you get a group to agree on a single resolution to a difficult issue? Accept expert assistance that a professional conflict resolution facilitator provides, and let the facilitator’s knowledge and experience with issue resolution make the difference.

We offer dispute resolution services using our experienced conflict resolution facilitators. They are skilled in applying issue resolution process with groups. This structured approach guides participants beyond individual positions, opinions, and division that prevent the critical issues from becoming resolved. The facilitator helps build agreement around a solution, and moves the group to action.

Depending upon the needs of the group, these facilitators apply a combination of seven consensus-building strategies to help groups understand the real issues and create win-win solutions. When you bring in one of our dispute resolution consultants you’ll find that the resolution strategies used along with the experience and expertise of our consultant will help with the resolution you’re looking for. The benefits of having an experienced consultant will show themselves quickly and move you towards an amicable resolution between all parties involved.


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