Large Group Facilitation

Successfully keeping a large group of people engaged and focused requires special skills.

Whether face-to-face or online, are you struggling to structure and manage large group sessions?

We’ve got you covered:

Leading Large Group Meetings

Imagine you need to lead a meeting for 50 or more people.

It’s always great to get the right minds together in one room, but if it isn’t a valuable use of everyone’s time, the only thing people will remember is the crowd. Bad meetings – whether in-person or online – waste precious resources. They often result in bad decisions that take even more resources to realize and rectify. Switching gears to lead large groups through masterful meetings instead of bad ones can be a difficult process. Good facilitation skills are critical to achieving the goals of the group.

We have the expertise to help revolutionize the way you hold large group meetings. Masterful meeting leaders are results-oriented, properly prepared, and able to skillfully execute meetings with large groups. Our large group facilitation services and training provide the techniques you need to focus successfully achieving objectives:

  • Start on time.
  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Have the right people present.
  • Offer all of the information participants need.
  • Have a carefully planned and executed agenda.
  • Encourage passionate discussion that results in excellent decisions.
  • Encourage genuine engagement.
  • End with a decisive close that leaves participants with a clear understanding of what was done during the meeting and what steps will be taken next.

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Planning Conferences

When it comes to facilitating conferences, we’re the experts.

Wouldn’t it be great if conferences could be both informative and engaging for the participants? Unfortunately, conferences are often structured to keep participants “reactively unengaged” or just plain bored, while speaker after speaker presents views on various topics.

From our vast experience with planning, designing and facilitating numerous conferences, we have isolated eight critical steps to guide you during program design and conference execution. These steps are highly effective at transforming conferences into productive and outcome-driven sessions.

Whether you need help designing an event that spans multiple time zones, identifying and selecting the right technology for a virtual conference, or creating opportunities for in-person on online networking, our skilled virtual conference facilitators can help you with:

  • Session Design to Create an Engaging Face-to-Face or Virtual Conference
  • Tools and Techniques to Convert an In-Person Conference to an Online Platform
  • Coaching and Training for Presenters, Panelists, and Moderators
  • Facilitators to Manage Plenary Engagements, Lead Breakout Sessions, and Conduct Panel Discussions

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Engaging Communities

We’ve been facilitating large group gatherings for more than 25 years.

When open invitations are extended to a large community, such as a town hall meeting, getting valuable input requires excellent facilitation skills. Such a meeting can easily be derailed by a few highly opinionated soapbox preachers with their own agenda.

Structuring and managing a large group through these processes can be a challenging task, but one that the experienced facilitation professionals at Leadership Strategies are especially equipped to do well. With our guidance and constructive input, you can have a productive community meeting where participants’ voices are heard, their opinions are validated, and the process yields lasting and positive results.

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When a large group of people need to make important decisions, who controls the room?

Imagine having to consider a myriad of different, and often times, opposing points of view when trying to reach a consensus or devise new strategies for the company, community, or a large team. Successful facilitation of large groups requires strategic planning from facilitators and we can help.

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We can empower you to:

  • Conduct effective large group meetings both in-person and online

  • Develop and deliver an engaging conference or event

  • Build consensus among large groups in virtual and face-to-face environments

“They asked the right questions upfront to really understand the business need and created a collaborative approach that resulted in an excellent framework for the sessions.”

Rob M., Senior Vice President, Strategy at Genuine Parts Company

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At Leadership Strategies, we provide large group facilitation services to organizations across the US and around the world. Find out how we can help you Level Up today!