Leadership Strategies’ corporate facilitation methods are founded on our principle of PDI. The acronym stands for a Practical, Dynamic and Interactive solution to common team meeting and project management problems, and it is the basis for how we operate. Knowing how to effectively communicate with people is the key ingredient to success; if you are unable to effectively transmit your message due to improper techniques or complications on part of the receiver, the results will show it. PDI is simple and effective and is based on the idea that people need to be shown how and why their contribution matters.


Being able to communicate complex and abstract concepts is necessary for any company, and it is often gone about in the wrong ways. In the majority of instances, the problems are not intentional. You may have the knowledge and answers to a problem, but they will ultimately be pointless if you are the only who understands them. With the PDI method, team members are presented with concrete information in a fun and easy-to-understand way. They are continually engaged throughout the meeting and will have learned everything they were supposed to in the process; thus, the presentation of the material is just as important as the material itself.

The Key Elements of PDI

Here is how the PDI method is different and how it can transform your company’s meeting goals and outcomes:

  • It presents information in a practical way. Participants are shown concrete examples of how facilitation techniques work with step-by-step guidance. By walking team members through the material (in contrast to regurgitating a training manual), they are better equipped with the tools they need to implement the facilitation techniques.
  • A key part of any meeting or training event involves keeping participants engaged. Lack of interest and failure to participate can be detrimental to the results of the project. A dynamic approach works to get members excited and keep them involved.
  • Interaction is crucial to group success. The facilitation techniques our professional staff at Leadership Strategies use are structured and informative. The end goal is to integrate every team member.

PDI is the only way to consistently deliver results, which is why it is the basis for our organization’s training courses.