White Paper: The Cost of Wasted Meetings

What if over 75% of your organization was spending time on unproductive “work” during business hours? Ouch. Surely, not in your organization, right? Take that scary, hypothetical notion and consider how much of that unproductive time could be attributed to unproductive meetings. Not so “hypothetical” anymore. The reality is that the vast majority of people spend time in unproductive meetings, yet these meetings are happening every day at organizations like yours – every. single. day.

Download and read this free white paper, The Cost of Wasted Meetings: 3 Ways to Change Your Organization’s Meeting Culture, by CEO and Certified Master Facilitator, Michael Wilkinson.

This white paper addresses:

  • The alarming reality of what bad meetings are costing your workplace
  • Three approaches to transforming your meetings culture
  • Critical success factors your team needs
  • A tool to pass onto your colleagues – “Your Meeting Rights”
  • Additional resources to fix common meeting problems