You have spent hours preparing for your company’s upcoming monthly meeting. As a corporate executive or project manager, your job is to shed light on the current issues the business is facing and get its team members to iron out a solution. Everyone is expected to be present at 8 a.m. sharp, yet like always, you notice a few stragglers coming in late and more than a handful of employees who would rather prefer to talk about their weekend gossip.

Instead of addressing these problems head on, you brush them off and attempt to proceed with the discussion. Despite making it through the designated curriculum, you get the feeling that the meeting did not go as well as planned. Some staff begin quarreling on sensitive issues and others couldn’t care less about being there at all. The worst part of all is that after the meeting wraps up, your motivation to make the next one better has waned.

The Benefits of Corporate Facilitation

LeadStrat wants you to know that the problems your business is facing are extremely common in corporate America. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to resolve them, a new approach is necessary to identify the source of the issue and work to correct it effectively and efficiently. Our corporate facilitation experts all undergo rigorous testing prior to becoming certified, and group meeting dysfunction is one of the top subject areas they study.

Want to know the trick to getting disgruntled employees on board? Here is a hint — yelling and bickering back and forth only leads to greater discontent, but proper engagement can transform that negative energy into a workable solution. This is what LeadStrat’s extensive network of project facilitators specialize in. They know how to recognize and identify the common forms of meeting dysfunction, and make each participant feel valued.

One of the tried and true tools the facilitation training pros at Leadership Strategies bring to the table is the Whip, an approach that can be used to quickly engage a group anytime during the session and forces participants to discuss their views openly and to formulate constructive criticism. The Whip is just one of many methods corporate facilitation experts are trained in. We will help you choose the right facilitator for your company’s needs so you can resolve your meeting dysfunction issues.