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Each of the 15 Guides was developed by our Certified Master Facilitators™

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Each of the 15 Guides was developed by our Certified Master Facilitatorsand includes:

  • A high-level meeting agenda
  • A sample deliverable/action plan
  • Terms and definitions
  • Description of tools and materials needed
  • List of items to have in the room
  • Description of how to initially set-up your flip charts
  • Opening words to use to inform, excite, involve, empower
  • Suggestions for getting immediate participation
  • And for each agenda item:
    • Checkpoint to focus the group
    • The key question to ask to ignite discussion
    • Recommended method for recording the responses you receive
    • Follow-up questions to use to probe or challenge
    • Hints for ensuring you are getting appropriate responses
  • Process to review and close once all agenda items are complete

Each facilitation guide below contains this information and more. Facilitation Guides are also available for individual purchase (electronic only) at $20/each. The 15 Facilitation Guides are:

  • Guide 1: Agency Data and Process Integration (12pgs) – Provides a process for identifying common information, as well as agency processes that are similar in function, in order to establish a direction for inter-agency resource sharing.
  • Guide 2: Basic Process Improvement (19pgs) – Provides a process for identifying the changes needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process
  • Guide 3: Break-out Group: Extended Version (14pgs) – The Break-out Group facilitation guide provides a process for identifying and prioritizing possible strategies that address issues in goal areas
  • Guide 4: Break-out Group: Condensed Version (9pgs) – Same as above.
  • Guide 5: Data Modeling (15pgs) – Provides a structured process for identifying data elements and the relationships.
  • Guide 6: First Meeting of a Task Force (12pgs) – Provides a process for clarifying a task force’s objective, while reaching consensus on the key deliverables, the work process, communication plan and basic operating logistics.
  • Guide 7: Information Needs Analysis (19pgs) – Provides a structured process for determining the areas where enhancements to existing systems or additional information systems may be required.
  • Guide 8: Issues Resolution (15pgs) – Provides a process for effectively resolving disagreement around a specific issue.
  • Guide 9: Focus Group Session (9pgs) – Provides a process for identifying member recommendations that will enhance the value they receive from the organization.
  • Guide 10: Procedure Design (16pgs) – Provides a process for identifying the key steps in a procedure.
  • Guide 11: Process Modeling (16pgs) – Provides a structured process for determining the major information flows within a process. Guide 12: Process Re-Engineering (25pgs) – Provides a process for identifying the changes needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process.
  • Guide 13: Project Planning (33pgs) – Provides a process for developing the objectives of a project or program, as well as the resources and timelines needed to complete it.
  • Guide14: Project Status (8pgs) – Provides an agenda for effectively determining the status of a project or program.
  • Guide 15: Strategic Planning (28pgs) – Provides an agenda and process for developing the mission, broad goals, measurable objectives, specific strategies and action plan for an organization or entity.

Our Meeting Guides are the perfect tool for both novice and experienced meeting leaders, facilitators and trainers. Key features include processes for:

  1. Defining current state to get everyone on the same starting ground
  2. Identifying critical success factors
  3. Developing a procedure for handling issues
  4. Identifying and addressing root causes to eliminate problems
  5. Ranking techniques to prioritize potential solutions and implement most beneficial
    ones first
  6. Identifying risks and developing contingency plans

…and more…

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