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Are you a facilitator looking for some new information and tips to make your session more successful? Do you not have time to attend a few days worth of training? Then the Professional Development Book Bundle is for you!

In this bundle you’ll receive 3 books and 1 workbook to help launch your sessions in a new direction.

The Secrets of Facilitation, 2nd Edition 

  • Michael Wilkinson’s 2nd edition of The Secrets of Facilitation delivers a clear vision of facilitation excellence and reveals the specific techniques effective facilitators use to produce consistent, repeatable results with groups. This 2nd edition includes new chapters that highlight timely topics such as: facilitating virtual meetings; facilitating very large groups; facilitating conferences; and building an internal facilitator capability. The book also offers new cross-cultural examples and an ancillary website with forms, checklists and a sample facilitator guide.

The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy

  • The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy provides executives, leaders and facilitators with a step-by-step resource for guiding their team through all phases of the strategic planning process – from gaining the team’s buy-in to do planning and identify strategic issues, all the way through organization alignment, implementation, monitoring and making adjustments. This book delivers the Drivers Model, a powerful tool to help you facilitate your organization through the development of a strategic plan from start to finish, whether you lead a corporation, government agency, non-profit organization, business unit, department, or team.

Click: The Virtual Meetings Book

  • CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book provides meeting leaders with 60 comprehensive strategies for planning and executing masterful virtual meetings.

The Engagement Strategies Workshop Manual 

  • The Engagement Strategies Workshop Manual eBook includes over 20 engagement strategies you can use right away.  Each engagement strategy has a one-to-three page description covering: purpose, type, general description, benefit, sample words and other tips.  The sample words section gives you a sample of the detail words to say as you explain and execute the engagement strategy.

With all four of these in your toolbox you’ll be sure to see your facilitation skills help make you more successful.