Strategic Thinking: Virtual Edition – 1/2 Day (9AM – 1PM ET)


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In this half-day workshop, you will learn how to use The Drivers Model to apply strategic thinking to making decisions, solving problems, and driving results in a wide variety of situations. You will walk away with a process for thinking about any situation strategically. That is, any time there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, the tools from the workshop help you think strategically about your vision, the barriers to achieving it, the conditions critical for success, and the strategies you can use to overcome the barriers and create the critical conditions that will sustain both short-term and long-term success.

Learn how to:

• Understand what strategic thinking is and what it isn’t, when you’re doing it and when you’re not, and why it’s important
• Have a process guide for thinking strategically about any situation
• Learn tools for leveraging the power of strategic thinking across a wide variety of applications