ROI Program – See it. Show it.

See it.

Showing training impact and a return on investment (ROI) is important to you. Successful results from training don’t end at “smiley sheets” – but through observable and measurable change. If you’re not capturing this, how can you be sure that your valuable training dollars aren’t going to waste?

Your investment in facilitation training should translate to meaningful results like these:

  • X% improvement in skill and performance gaps
  • $Y saved from reduced number of meetings
  • Z hours of time saved

Show it.

After your team completes our facilitation training, surely you’ll hear about better meetings, higher engagement levels, and less dysfunction. But, it helps to document these successes – plus other monetized data – on paper too, right?

To help show it, Leadership Strategies has partnered with Beyond ROI, a leading provider of training assessment solutions. You now have a simple, yet sophisticated way to measure real results. You will receive data-backed outcomes showing the performance of each individual and your entire team as a result of taking The Effective Facilitator.

Confidently pinpoint the ROI of your training – dollar for dollar, hour for hour – with these reporting tools.

View the sample reports below.

MyView Profile

  • Individual assessment of skill development
  • Identified areas of performance excellence
  • Gaps in skills isolated for continued focus

See a Sample

PowerView Measurement

  • An aggregate of your team’s skills, including comparative data
  • The actual time, money, and savings in productivity as a group
  • Case studies of impacts and success

See a Sample

Who can participate in this program?

Our ROI program is currently available for private group training enrollment in The Effective Facilitator.

Ready to start seeing and showing ROI from facilitation training? Contact us today!