Achieve your short and long-term goals with structured guidance and support.


Professional coaching is useful to help individuals and groups follow a path to:

  1. Take a complete look at their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and/or others;
  2. Set relevant and realistic goals for themselves, based on their own nature and needs;
  3. Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching their goals; and
  4. Learn by continuing to reflect on their actions and sharing feedback with others along the way.

Our relationship managers will interview you and select one, two, or three potential coaches for you to interview, so you can choose. We will also equip you with the questions and the guides to help you select the best coach for you!

Executive Coaching

Whether an executive of a Fortune 500 company, a key team leader or the CEO of a growing small business, leaders at all levels can benefit from the tremendous growth power of executive coaching. Leadership Strategies Executive Coaching Services provide the results oriented, one-on-one strategic partnerships between leader and coach that maximize performance. Our mission is to drive improved business outcomes.
Simply put, executive coaching is the science and technology of success. It places an arsenal of cutting-edge concepts and tools at the disposal of the client. Executive coaching provides a customized set of resources—the missing pieces—that unleash and expand potential. This is achieved by means of an ongoing relationship. The coach and the leader have regular scheduled meetings woven together by continual communication. In essence, Leadership Strategies executive coaching programs raise the level of success well beyond personal best.

Learn How To

  • Create a vision of success in business, career and life
  • Think and generate ideas and possibilities in new ways
  • Put thoughts into action and reach toward extraordinary growth
  • Move through fears and obstacles to take risks and drive change

Executive Coaching Objectives

  • Strengthen leadership and execution skills that yield measurable results
  • Foster consistent right action and tap into true potential
  • Expand self awareness and access available resources to better achieve objectives
  • Encourage the taking on of stretch-goals and provide accountability to accomplish them
  • Align the values and purposes of leader and organization
  • Maximize individual performance and achievement of organizational goals

Ideal For

Executive coaching is ideal for C-level leadership, executives on the rise, key technical and sales managers, managers seeking to enhance team results, successful entrepreneurs, directors of not-for-profit organizations, partners in professional firms, plant general mangers, top outside consultants on the move, and high potentials in leadership development programs.

The Program

Each executive coaching engagement is 6 months in duration. It consists of either two or four scheduled sessions per month along with unlimited communication as needed in between. Select your choice of various blends of face to face and virtual meetings. Every engagement is custom tailored to the particular needs of the client.

Strategy Coaching

When successfully completing strategic planning sessions, executives most often walk away with a half-dozen or so priority strategies designed to move their organization forward to the next level.  Several questions always arise:

  • What do we do next?
  • How do we get the plan off the page and into action?
  • How do we get our organization aligned so that the performance plans, the HR plans, and the project plans for every department all focus on achieving our target results?

Past experience has indicated that without a focus on execution, the value of the strategic plan is often not fully realized.

Leadership Strategies provides strategy / transformation coaching services that help you move your strategy from a written plan to full implementation.  Our transformation services provide three levels of service that aid in implementing your strategy and providing ongoing accountability that ensures execution.

Our Services

  1. Strategy management:  our project manager is onsite working with your team serving as overall project manager and overseeing the implementation of key components of your strategic plan.
  2. Strategy coaching:  weekly or biweekly one-on-one sessions with your executive leader to provide ongoing support and guidance.
  3. Strategy monitoring: Leadership Strategies offers a monthly onsite review or teleconference to closely monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and recommend resolution strategies.
  4. Strategy checkup: Leadership Strategies offers quarterly onsite review or teleconference to check on progress to help ensure team focus and so the team can make necessary adjustments.

Ideal For

CEOs, COOs, executive directors, general managers, marketing executives, sales directors, business development professionals, and leaders of all types of organizations seeking to execute viable action plans for accomplishing growth or improving processes.  This includes:

  • Corporate business units
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Strategic planning departments
  • Or any other organization implementing strategic plans or undergoing major change initiatives


  • Provide point person who oversees change or strategy execution
  • Create a detailed approach for promoting an execution culture
  • Evaluate the quality of the plan
  • Identify the pitfalls to avoid when executing the plan
  • Provide guidelines for implementing the change
  • Describe and communicate the plan to staff
  • Develop strategies to help the organization through sudden change
  • Coach team members through the change
  • Define the series of facilitated events that lead organizations through change


Each consulting engagement is customized to fit the needs of individuals, teams and organizations. In general, however, the following durations apply for each service:

  • Strategy management and change management – one-to-three days/week onsite management
  • Strategy coaching – two-to-four 60-minute check-ins per month
  • Strategy monitoring – monthly onsite or teleconference
  • Strategic update – quarterly onsite or teleconference

Team Coaching

E-Group is a powerful productivity tool to implement with any, management, sales, project, or work team. It serves to provide performance-enhancement and professional development coaching to the individuals and the team as a whole in a time and money-efficient manner. In addition, it imparts to them fundamental coaching and communication skills – by means of the mutual-coaching process. A Success-group thus provides valuable leadership development, and greatly strengthens team cohesiveness and effectiveness as a value-added natural by-product.

E-Group is a 12-month program with 1 2.5 to 3-hour session per month. 1st session is introduction, orientation and foundation-building. Sessions 2 – 4 build the process and focus on emotional intelligence. Sessions 5 – 6 strengthen the relationship web and focus on conflict management and communication. Sessions 7 – 9 deepen team work and focus on collaboration. Session 10 – 12 transfer facilitation to the team and focus on process ownership and continuation.

Special Purpose Coaching

Through special purpose coaching we design a program that is tailored to your needs. Whether that be an executive or a director who joins your team, a functional change such as a field expert rotating through a new position as part of their career plan or an employee making a global transition – special purpose coaching can help these individuals with transition. The coaching makes these transitions seamless and less threatening and leads to improved results in a much timelier manner.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improve your skills to get the most from your team and your people; leverage your resources
  • Identify critical success factors and barriers facing you or members of your team in their new areas of responsibility
  • Aspire to fulfill your highest potential earlier in your career
  • Establish objectives to ensure their success
  • Think and view ideas and possibilities in new ways
  • Create a vision of success in your new areas of responsibility
  • Turn ideas into action

Ideal For

Sales, project and technical team leads, teams of every type, department leaders, new members of your management team, high potentials moving to new areas for leadership development, employees making career transitions or senior talent joining a new organization or making a change from one country to another.

Coaching Offerings

Within this program each coaching engagement is customized to fit the needs of individuals and organizations. In-between sessions, coaching engagements include unlimited access to the coach via telephone and e-mail. Customized coaching engagements are scheduled either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with interaction as needed between the coach and client. Use of face to face or phone coaching is determined on a situational basis, taking geographic location, travel costs and schedules into account. Special purpose coaching includes:

  • Sales Development Coaching
    Specialized key account sales coaching for motivated sales professionals who don’t want to waste their time facing high rejection rates or chasing unprofitable business
  • Cross Cultural /Global Transition Coaching
    cross-cultural coaching for expatriates, geographically dispersed teams and global leaders who regularly work across borders. Coaches combine their intercultural knowledge with their organizational coaching expertise to substantially improve the cross-border effectiveness and relationships of individuals and teams conducting business abroad.
  • HIPOTS (High Potential Employees) Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching
    Assessments that will help you to identify values, interests and skills.  You will also gain focus and accountability to help you stay motivated, resulting in reduced transition time.
  • Coaching for Change
    Change Coaching addresses both the hard side and the soft side of issues.  The hard side looks at the systems and structures of what’s causing the angst.  The soft side explores relationship management.
  • Onboard Coaching
    Through the process of the weekly coaching sessions, the client will be guided and challenged to develop key new relationships with peers and mentors. They will implement powerful collaborative team building processes and coaching tools with their direct reports.