The Leadership Strategies Approach to Strategic Planning

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Looking for an elegantly simple model to guide your strategic planning? You’ve come to the right place!

Far too often, people experience strategic planning as a wasted activity-painful, unproductive, and irrelevant to the issues at hand. And once planning is done, the product usually gets put on a shelf, never to be looked at again. Let the Drivers Model help you put an end to this.

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How will the Drivers Model help you?

Elegantly Simple.

You will understand it! Many executives see planning, and specifically strategic planning, as a highly challenging and complex activity. The Drivers Model provides an approach that is elegantly simple, yet robust and comprehensive enough to serve both a multi-billion-dollar corporation and a half-million-dollar non-profit.

One Strategy Document

It’s convenient! In a single, 11×17 page folded in half, you have all the core elements of your strategic plan. For management teams and employees, the strategy document serves as an easily accessible and understandable roadmap of the strategic direction. Some organizations even find it helpful to create an edited, “external” version of the strategy document to give to suppliers and customers.

Clear Definitions

End the wasted time arguing over definitions! No more arguing about what is a goal and what is an objective! No more debates about what should be included in a vision vs. a mission statement. The Drivers Model provides clear, concise, and easy-to-adopt definitions for each element of your plan.

Mission-Vision Distinction

Define who you are and where you are going! The clear distinction between mission (what you do, for whom, and the benefit) and vision (the preferred picture of the future) helps you to be both definitive and aspirational at the same time.

CSFs and Barriers

Make sure you are doing the most important things! How do you make sure your strategies are the most important activities for your organization’s focus? The Drivers Model answers the call by having you identify the critical conditions for success and the major barriers standing in your way. So, each of your strategies should create a critical condition, overcome a barrier, or both.

Monitoring Process

Get it implemented! Many plans fail in execution, due to a lack of focus and commitment. The three-level monitoring model encourages both the focus and commitment needed to deliver on the plan’s promise

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We hope the tools we provided will help you facilitate strategy in your organization. Along with providing professional facilitators to assist you in strategy development and execution, we also provide strategy coaching on an hourly basis. If you would like to one of our skilled facilitator to review your planned approach or discuss your plan, contact us for more information about our strategy coaching services.

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