For Government Agencies and Employees, it’s Business as (Un)usual

Conference rooms are empty.

Virtual meeting rooms are full.

Working together requires new skills and techniques.

Even in today’s virtual environment, we know you’re looking for ways to spend budget that will pay off long after the fiscal year ends.

We’ve got you covered:

Virtual Meeting Management

Bad virtual meetings are more than just an annoyance.

Bad meetings waste valuable resources including each individual’s time – especially when they occur in a virtual environment. They often result in bad decisions that take even more resources to realize and rectify. Switching gears to have masterful virtual meetings instead of bad ones can be a difficult process. We know that you have projects to get done this fiscal year. Good online meetings are critical to achieving your goals and completing your projects on time and within budget.

We have the expertise to help revolutionize the way you hold online meetings. Masterful virtual meetings are results-oriented meetings that are properly prepared for and skillfully executed. Masterful virtual meetings:

  • Start on time.
  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Have the right people present.
  • Offer all of the information participants need.
  • Have a carefully planned and executed agenda.
  • Encourage passionate discussion that results in excellent decisions.
  • Encourage genuine engagement.
  • End with a decisive close that leaves participants with a clear understanding of what was done during the meeting and what steps will be taken next.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you hold virtual meetings?

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Virtual Facilitation Solutions

Multi-branch, multi-department organizations operating in a remote environment need a skilled virtual facilitator.

We have a team made up of the best virtual facilitators in the world. We are able to help remote groups excel together in focusing on issues, building a common vision, and committing to the actions that bring the vision into reality. We use proven virtual engagement strategies and techniques that help your participants:

  • Set direction and priorities – Having competing priority initiatives typically translates to wasted opportunity. Skilled facilitators help you create your organization’s view of success and related priorities that will drive desired outcomes.
  • Create team alignment –  Different departments working to achieve separate organizational aims is counterproductive. A facilitator is practiced in the art of getting everyone moving together towards a common goal.
  • Simplify decision making – Leaders often have trouble saying “no” to new ideas or potential initiatives. Professional facilitators help you develop clear and agreed upon priorities that make it easier to remain focused.
  • Communicate the message – When leaders walk around with policies, strategies, or rules locked in their heads, few people act on them.  Facilitated sessions allow staff, suppliers, and even clients to help your organization reach its potential.

We have platform expertise in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Skype for Business, and more!

Do you need a skilled virtual facilitator to get your people engaged, keep them focused and on track, manage dysfunction, build consensus, and ensure commitment to follow through?

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Online Training Delivery

We deliver trainings to practically every government agency in the US.

We know how important it is to use your available training budget before the end of the fiscal year. Our world-class virtual trainings are fully customizable and cover topics such as:

  • Facilitating Groups
  • Leadership Development
  • Building Teams
  • Leading Meetings (In-Person or Virtual)
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Managing Successful Projects
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

Are you ready to expand your knowledge and enhance your professional development – from the comfort of your remote environment?

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Virtual Conference Facilitation

We’re the experts in virtual conference facilitation.

Whether you need help designing an event that spans multiple time zones, identifying and selecting the right technology, or creating opportunities for virtual networking, our skilled virtual facilitators can help you with:

  • Session Design to Create a Virtual Conference or Convert Your In-Person Event
  • Coaching and Training for Presenters, Panelists, and Moderators
  • Facilitators to Manage Plenary Engagements, Lead Breakout Sessions, and Conduct Panel Discussions

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Virtual Strategic Planning

Discover the key factors of effective strategic planning in a virtual environment.

Whether you are a federal agency or a department of a state or local government, we provide you with a detailed understanding of each of the building blocks that make up a strategic plan for government agencies. We’ll help you build a road map for constructing a virtual strategic plan and give you tips for judging the quality of each component, as well as step-by-step guidance from our skilled facilitators.

Develop highly effective strategic plans that go beyond defining mission, objectives, and strategies, to include : key factors that will control whether or not the organization is successful (critical success factors), the obstacles that stand in the way (barriers) and operating guidelines that shape the culture of the organization.

  • Identify the pitfalls to avoid when doing online strategic planning
  • Understand the key components of a virtual strategic plan
  • Utilize a method for evaluating the quality of your plan
  • Apply the guidelines for developing a virtual strategic plan

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Workplace environments have shifted but 2020 budgets have not.

After countless discussions with government agencies, we have heard time and again how critical it is to use this year’s budget spend on projects that are available online and will have a lasting impact on their organization. Today’s remote climate requires skilled virtual facilitation training. But how do you choose the right ones?

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We can help you or your team:

  • Conduct effective meetings both in-person and online

  • Build consensus on important decisions in virtual and face-to-face environments

  • Enhance professional proficiency with focused training at your location or online

  • Develop or transition to a virtual conference platform

“The virtual facilitation training course was everything I hoped it would be, and the timing couldn’t have been better. If this is the new normal for online meetings, then this is the course you need! I was able to use many of the techniques right away with my own meetings, and received compliments about how my meetings were ‘different and better’ than typical virtual meetings. “

Mike B., Director of Product Management, Fortune 100 Insurance Company


At Leadership Strategies, we provide virtual training, coaching, and facilitation services to government agencies across the US. Find out how we can help your team Level Up today!