Team Building Facilitation

Build a strong team that works together effectively to obtain optimal results.

Organizations rely on strong teams to work together effectively to achieve results. But often, a team’s success is hindered by dysfunctional behavior, a lack of trust, poor communication, or an inability to address disagreement.

At Leadership Strategies, we have a three-level approach to team building based on the specific needs of the team and the critical outcomes to be achieved. Let us share with you how we tear down barriers and equip teams with tools for long-term success.

Team Activation Process

Our two- and three-day Team Activation Process takes a group of people who have been thrown together to work on a project and transforms them into a focused team with a comprehensive plan of action, specific deliverables to be achieved, and clear roles and responsibilities. TAP is specifically designed for projects involving five or more people and lasting two months or longer.

TAP combines three important activities:

  • Project orientation to get everyone on the same page.
  • Team building to help the team understand the roles and skills of each individual.
  • Skills building to provide a common foundation in specific areas that will be utilized on the project.

Team Review

Through our extensive experience working with teams, we have identified eight essentials for team success. These critical elements strongly influence a team’s ability to deliver results. Does your team have all eight essentials? If it is missing one of them, your team more than likely will struggle at achieving success. If it is missing two essentials, the team’s ability to achieve success will likely be severely hampered. And if your team is missing three or more essentials, one might say that the team is destined to fail.

Our Team Review process researches and evaluates the make-up and condition of your team against the eight essentials. Let us show you how a Team Review can provide you critical information and direction for improving your team’s performance.