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Testimonial: BoardWalk

BoardWalk Consulting Facilitator Goes from Good to Great with Facilitation Secrets

Dear Michael:

As a seasoned board consultant on issues affecting board governance and executive leadership in nonprofits, foundations and the companies that champion them, I considered myself a pretty good facilitator – until this past fall, when I realized I had lost control of an important discussion with a key client’s board. You can’t imagine my reaction several weeks later upon discovering my gaffe highlighted as “Secret #1: The fundamental secret of facilitation.” in the introduction to [Michael Wilkinson’s] book [The Secrets of Facilitation]!

Humbled by that confrontation with my own naiveté, I immediately devoured the other 59 secrets that followed. Belatedly, three things are now abundantly clear:

1.      “When the student is willing, the teacher will appear.” Color me willing.

2.      In facilitation, “pretty good” can be downright dangerous. Happily, with your help, “superior” may be within reach.

3.      Since your book would have been a deal at $10,000 for this consultant, it’s an absolute steal at $40 – which is why we now list The Secrets of Facilitation in the Resources section of our website under the headings, “Books we wouldn’t be without.”

Like so much of life, your compelling advice may seem somewhat obvious in hindsight, but it proved an epiphany for this happy warrior. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a palatable, accessible and compelling way. I just wish you had published it a couple of months earlier!


Sam Pettway
Founding Director, BoardWalk Consulting

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