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Testimonial: Lockheed Martin

Bob Bogle, from the Human Resources Skills Training of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company in Vandenberg AFB, California attended one of our The Effective Facilitator courses in Los Angeles. Bob read The Maximizer monthly tip “Do You Respect the Power of the Pen?” and wrote the following comments to us about how he applied what he’d learned:

“The situation described here sounds familiar. I was recording comments on participants’ expectations at the beginning of a process improvement exercise. As fast as I could manage I wrote word for word what I heard but unintentionally omitted one comment that came from what turned out be a very sensitive individual in the room. Later on in the exercise I noticed one person in the room was not participating in discussions at all. When I asked if he had anything to add, his reply was, “Oh, so now all of a sudden you care about what I have to say?” I reassured the person that his input was vital to the success of the exercise. He remarked, “If my opinion is so important then why did you avoid writing my comment in your opening?” I apologized and went out of my way to include this person in the process from that moment on.

Lesson Learned? Set guidelines for making and recording comments at the beginning of the session.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Best regards,

Bob Bogle
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Vandenberg Launch Operations
Human Resources Skills Training

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