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Testimonial: Heartland Visioning

“I recently took The Effective Facilitator with Leslie Stein as the instructor. I just want to say that I have never been so inspired, engaged and excited to learn and practice what I’ve learned! The material is wonderful, but Leslie’s totally “ALL OR NOTHING” approach to reaching every participant was so captivating and impressive! Please make sure you keep her representing your company and inspiring others to lead and facilitate well!! I will certainly never do either the same way again!” 

– Andrea A’Jay Scipio, Kansas African American Affairs Commission and Heartland Visioning Member

After four days of participating in The Effective Facilitator, 16 committee members of Heartland Visioning of Topeka successfully completed the course with enthusiasm and each rating it a perfect 10! Heartland Visioning of Topeka – a non-profit organization serving the Shawnee County of Topeka, Kansas, with volunteer groups, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, and other community needs – looked to facilitation training from Leadership Strategies to help them transform the way their organization engages in efforts that impact the community. Andrea was just one participant who completed the training sharing positive remarks about Leslie Stein, one of Leadership Strategies’ core facilitators and the first member of the team to achieve a perfect evaluation rating.

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