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Testimonial: Lockheed Martin

“I was able to bring some of the tools and skills I learned in The Effective Facilitator to an employee personal preparedness workshop I facilitated. I revised my remarks using the IEEI technique from your course and re-constructed two of the three learning objectives based also on IEEI and the Focusing the Group principle. The evaluations are back, and I am proud to report that the changes proved very successful. In fact, this was the first time I was ever singled out by a participant. Some notable quotes from the workshop evaluation include the following:

  • ‘Thanks to Victoria for putting this together and being the advocate. I am not sure if others could do it as well. Continue to spread the message to all of CDC staff and its associated campuses.’
  • ‘I liked the pace and peppiness of the presenters. Clearly love their jobs and are passionate about what they do. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you to get prepared.’
  • ‘The overall intent and structure was well thought out, prepared and delivered. We should support the program and be an advertised example to America.’

This particular workshop has been executed six times since the pilot stage. At each workshop, we tweaked and went back to the drawing board, until now. It took one whole year, six workshops, and The Effective Facilitator training to finally get it to where it needs to be.”