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Testimonial: Vertek

Dear Leadership Strategies,

As a training manager for the Vertek Institute of Technology (VIT), I try my best to match coursework to our employees’ needs. Training time is valuable time away from the client, so it needs to be focused and sharp. Sometimes, trying a new vendor is a risk; you never know what you are going to get. When it doesn’t go well, trust and credibility is lost in the training process.

Vertek is a telecommunications solution provider with a strong consulting practice. We chose The Facilitative Consultant as a baseline course for our consultants. We opted for the on-site private course to enable our consulting practice to develop a shared mindset around the methodologies taught in the course. The reviews were outstanding! Here is what our employees had to say:

“I’m a real skeptic when it comes to classes like these. (At a previous employer, we took a consulting skills course every 3-5 years, and some of them were just plain dumb.) This was far and away the best I have taken, and Leadership Strategies did a great job. Not only did they know their stuff, but they were very candid about the challenges and limitations of consulting. You’d think that after many years of consulting, I’d have heard everything, but I still learned a lot.”

“Great class. Technical group can use methodology that was applied (6 Ds).”

“Best class ever attended. Instructor was very credible. Introduced some of the realities of consulting – how good a job you want to do vs. what the client is willing to pay for.”

We have been using Leadership Strategies for a few years now, offering The Facilitative Consultant and Project Leadership training to not only our consulting practice but our top managers as well. We would not hesitate to use Leadership Strategies again because we know that they deliver world class training.

Kristin Kehde
Training Manager

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