Many organizations have realized the value of allowing and even encouraging their workers to participate in training or meetings virtually. Telecommuting in this way is often a rewarding experience, and the convenience can’t be beat. We’ve seen that there is a distinct need for the ability to succeed in this virtual environment—and that there is a need for training individuals to conduct meetings virtually as well.

Expand Your Virtual Meeting Skills

We have several online facilitation training courses. Our most popular virtual course, Facilitating Masterful Meetings – Virtual Edition will help leaders of virtual meetings to create a more engaging meeting environment so that they can achieve productive results.

The Facilitating Masterful Meetings – Virtual Edition course teaches you how to:

  • Transform the overall culture of your virtual meetings by encouraging and enhancing engagement.
  • Eliminate dysfunction within virtual meetings.
  • Improve your ability to spot common pitfalls and stop them before they affect the meeting’s success.
  • Strengthen your ability and offer new strategies for bringing the group to a consensus, which will, in turn, improve the outcomes of your meetings.
  • Increase productivity by merging meetings and eliminating unnecessary meetings.