In an increasingly digital business world, virtual connections are just as valuable as face-to-face interactions. Having the skills to run a productive online meeting is vital. This is why we offer a wide range of courses, including virtual  facilitation training. The next time you have to run a virtual meeting, the following books can help make your experience a successful one.

CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book

Find out how to hold and maintain the attention and interest of your online meeting participants as well as how to identify and deal with common virtual meeting dysfunctions. This book takes you through the steps of planning an online meeting all the way to getting quality results at the end of every virtual meeting. With 12 chapters and 60 comprehensive strategies for running an effective online meeting, this is a reference book that you will consult time and again.

The Secrets of Facilitation, 2nd ed.

This latest version from Michael Wilkinson, Leadership Strategies’ founder and managing director, reveals effective facilitation techniques that repeatedly yield consistent results even when used in different group settings. Most of the proven techniques that Wilkinson writes about in this book can be applied successfully to virtual meetings as well. Wilkinson is a Certified Master Facilitator whose knowledge and expertise in the field of facilitation is unmatched, and he shares his wealth of wisdom in this powerful new edition.

The Secrets to Masterful Meetings

With both eBook and paperback editions, this handy reference guide will help you conduct purposeful face-to-face and virtual meetings. Stop wasting time, money and other valuable resources of your company with pointless and unproductive meetings. By learning and applying the techniques contained in this book to all your meetings, you banish the specter of bad meetings from your organization for good. Transform boring, pointless meetings into an energized and focused exchange of bright and promising ideas that are implementable. The Secrets to Masterful Meetings will make you the ultimate maestro of meetings in your company.

Come to Leadership Strategies if you’re looking for experienced and skilled virtual facilitators to ensure the success of your next online meeting. We also have virtual facilitation training to assist you at your next strategic planning session. Timely and expert facilitation can streamline your business processes and enhance your communication procedures, both of which are vital components of your company’s success. Our professional facilitators are ready to help you and your team succeed.