Strategic Planning: Making it Work

Why it Works

Is your organization positioned for long-term success?  Having trouble engaging the entire organization in the same direction?  Strategic Planning: Making It Work provides a detailed road map for creating successful strategic plans.  Comprehensive building blocks include : steps for preparing, developing, implementing, and monitoring a strategic plan for your organization, plus the pitfalls to avoid while constructing it.  Our PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) branded approach provides Practical step-by-step implementation including:

  • Checklists to judge the quality of each component of your plan
  • Dynamic instruction from carefully selected energetic facilitators, and
  • Interactive practice sessions including in-class exercises and team breakout sessions to reinforce your learning.

By bringing an existing plan to class, participants can gain the additional benefit of using the course’s tools to improve their current strategic direction.

Who will benefit from this course?

Ideal For:

  • Leaders
  • Facilitators
  • Representatives of all types of organizations

Needing To:

  • Develop Viable Action Plans
  • Accomplish Glowth Objectives
  • Improving Current Processes

What you will learn

Develop highly effective strategic plans by:

  • Defining a mission statement through three powerful steps
  • Creating a vision that is both inspiring and compelling
  • Developing broad goals outlining the areas for focus
  • Establishing specific, measurable, achievable objectives
  • Isolating key factors controlling whether or not the organization is successful
  • Discovering obstacles standing in the way of implementation
  • Developing operating guidelines that shape the culture of the organization
  • Using positioning strategies to define and excel in your niche
  • Identifying pitfalls to avoid when doing strategic planning
  • Utilizing a method for evaluating the quality of a plan

Choose Your Format

With a group of eight or more people, a private class may deliver a better value. With a private class on Strategic Planning: Making it Work, we can customize the course and bring the techniques and tools you need to conduct a virtual meeting to you, at your convenience. Find out how we can tailor this course to meet your needs.

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The Effective Facilitator – 4 Days (In-Person)

Jul 22 – Jul 25 – Washington, D.C.

Aug 12 – Aug 15 – Atlanta, GA

Aug 19 – Aug 22 – Washington, D.C.

Sep 16 – Sep 19 – Atlanta, GA

Sep 23 – Sep 26 – Washington, D.C.

Sep 23 – Sep 26 – Seattle, WA

Sep 30 – Oct 3 – Las Vegas, NV

Oct 14 – Oct 17 – Atlanta, GA

Oct 28 – Oct 31 – Washington, D.C.

Nov 18 – Nov 21 – Washington, D.C.

Dec 2 – Dec 5 – Atlanta, GA

Dec 16 – Dec 19 – Washington, D.C.

The Engaging Trainer – 3 Days (In-Person)

Sep 30 – Oct 2 – Atlanta, GA

The Effective Facilitator: Virtual Edition – 4 Days (Eastern)

Jun 17 – Jun 20 – Virtual

Jul 8 – Jul 11 – Virtual

Aug 26 – Aug 29 – Virtual

Nov 4 – Nov 7 – Virtual