Group facilitation training is one of Leadership Strategies’ most popular and result-driven services. The greatest challenges business managers, corporate executives and team leaders face is figuring out how to maintain workplace productivity and establish a collective consciousness about a particular goal.

How To Handle Group Dysfunction

Many employees will refrain from voicing their opinion on a matter even if what they have to say may be the solution the group is yearning for. Or sometimes a single individual will attempt to direct and control the meeting, rendering the event flawed and unproductive. These are precisely the issues Leadership Strategies’ project facilitators specialize in and work to correct.

Group corporate facilitation is a difficult subject area, especially when attempting to regulate the needs of dozens of staff members. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and for a business to be successful, each opinion deserves equal value during the discussion. To overcome the multitude of obstacles faced in corporate meetings, Leadership Strategies has formulated a sound strategy to guide the facilitation process, and that begins with our free webinar session.

Leadership Strategies’ 90-minute online facilitation training session offers free, time-tested techniques that you can start using right away to curb group meeting discontent and to forge compromise in place of confrontation. The material presented in this free course is taken directly from The Effective Facilitator, the first ever corporate facilitation program to cover every Certified Master Facilitator competencies. That means you are learning the skills and techniques our top facilitators are required to pass before they can receive professional certification.

A few of the topics covered in the webinar include: successful meeting preparation tips, advice on how to create subject matter interest from the start, how to maintain employee engagement during the meeting and how to better form a positive consensus on difficult business issues. Will you be an expert facilitator after viewing this course? No, but you will have the tools to improve your company’s current situation, and Leadership Strategies has hundreds of top-notch meeting facilitators available to further assist your group meeting needs.