Successfully running a conference or community meeting requires special facilitation skills. Leadership Strategies, a pioneer in facilitative training, knows just what to do to help facilitate large group gatherings.

Big corporations can sometimes become victims of their own success. Imagine having to consider a myriad of different, and often times, opposing points of view when trying to reach a consensus or devise new strategies for the company. Successful facilitation of large groups requires strategic planning from facilitators and Leadership Strategies can help.

Conference Facilitation

Most conferences consist of long, tedious presentations one after another, sometimes interspersed with a few mildly interesting activities thrown in to ‘get the blood flowing.’ The truth is, a conference presenter, no matter how skilled he or she may be as a presenter, is not necessarily a trained facilitator. No matter how important the information they are sharing may be, unless their audience is fully engaged, they might as well be reading from a grocery list for all the attention they will get from listless participants.

Trained conference facilitators are skilled in planning the facilitation of large groups where the participants are fully engaged and invested. They are experienced in transforming conferences, or similar large group gatherings, into highly informative and productive, results-driven sessions. The certified professional facilitators at Leadership Strategies excel in working with their clients to design and run conferences that are purpose-driven and effective.

Community Engagement

A ‘town hall meeting,’ where an open invitation is extended to a large community to get their input, requires excellent facilitation skills. Such a meeting can easily be derailed by a few highly opinionated soapbox preachers with their own agenda.

Structuring and managing large group processes can be a challenging task, but one that the experienced facilitation professionals at Leadership Strategies are especially equipped to do well. With their guidance and constructive input, you can have a productive community meeting where participants’ voices are heard, their opinions are validated and the process yields lasting and positive results.

When you need help with large group facilitation, Leadership Strategies can give you the assistance you require for a successful meeting.