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Testimonial: NASA

Dear Leadership Strategies:

In late July 2002, I had the opportunity to attend “The Effective Facilitator” course. I work for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and am a member of our Change Masters Team. We brought Leadership Strategies on-site to do a private class for 16 members of our group.

We found this course to be excellent. The material is well organized and provides a terrific tool for the facilitator, regardless of the venue or group being supported. The agenda models in the back of the handbook are especially helpful and personally I have already begun to use these resources in a number of applications both on the job and elsewhere.

I was especially impressed with the trainer … How often do you attend a training class or seminar and notice that the instructor just seems to be going through the motions? That is, he or she doesn’t really understand or believe in the materials being presented. Not so in this case. [The facilitator] … used all the techniques and tools he was presenting so naturally that you didn’t even notice at first that you could learn almost as much just watching him, rather than listening to the presentation.

Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who has to deal with groups of people and needs to motivate, inspire and focus them to reach a stated goal. The techniques provided in this course, along with the practical experience you get through the exercises (such as practicing facilitation on your fellow classmates), will serve the graduates and their future participants well.

Mario Busacca
Environmental Program Office
John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL

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