For Educators Across the Country, This School Year Looks Different

Classrooms are nearly empty.

Virtual instruction is at an all-time high.

Teaching requires new tools and techniques.

In today’s virtual environment, we know you need the skills to keep your students focused, productive, and successful.

We’ve got you covered:

Sharpen Your Engagement Skills

We can help you become a pro at Zoom.

Making sure your students are engaged is essential to successful virtual instruction. One of the most popular, robust platforms currently is Zoom and knowing how to take full advantage of the features will help you make your lessons as effective as possible. Learn how to  create a fun and productive online learning experience.

Our Zoom+ Engagement Strategies course shows you how to:

  • Use breakout rooms for small group exercises and discussions.
  • Make the best use of the whiteboard and annotation features.
  • Modify in-person engagement strategies to the virtual environment.
  • And more!

We can show you how to bring the best of the classroom experience into the virtual environment.

Where students gather to learn is different but how they learn is still the same. The brain still needs accessible content delivered in an engaging environment. Do you know how often you should use an engagement strategy during an online class session?

Our From Classroom to Virtual course highlights proven strategies that show you how to leverage the unique advantages for learners in an online platform.

Get answers questions such as:

  • How do you keep students from multi-tasking and losing focus?
  • What if the students need to ask questions?
  • How will I know they are getting it?
  • What should I look for when choosing a virtual training platform?
  • Do you have to be a tech genius to “drive that thing”?


Are you ready to take your virtual teaching to the next level?

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Level Up Your Entire District

Districts with primarily remote students need teachers with virtual facilitation skills.

We have a team made up of the best virtual facilitators in the world.  We use proven virtual engagement strategies and techniques that help you effectively educate your students. There are two ways we can share our knowledge with your team:

  • Licensing – Become certified to teach our materials to your team. We’ve made it easy for an entire group of educators to learn the basics of virtual facilitation. Our group licenses give everyone the skills they need to improve the quality of their online instruction. What’s more, the course can be completed in just half a day!
  • Comprehensive Training – Use one of your inservice days to get your entire district trained in virtual facilitation. Our skilled virtual facilitators have the expertise to train groups of up to 24 people at a time in our techniques and give them the tools they need to provide successful and engaging online lessons. Have a larger group? We can select multiple facilitators from our vast database to

We have platform expertise in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Skype for Business, and more! We can accommodate your specific needs by creating an entirely virtual course, customizing a class and delivering it to your district at your location, or develop a hybrid session for both in-person and virtual attendees.


Do you need to get your district the virtual facilitation skills they need to keep students engaged, focused and on track, manage dysfunction, and ensure a productive and successful online learning experience?

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Free Resources to Get You Started

Learning environments have changed, but the need for quality education has not.

After countless discussions with instructors, educators, and trainers, we have heard time and again how critical it is to provide learners with an exceptional education whether they’re online or face-to-face. Today’s remote environment requires virtual facilitation skills. But how do you get started?

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We can help you and your district:

  • Develop or transition your instruction to a virtual platform

  • Conduct successful online learning lessons

  • Engage students to keep participation high

  • Enhance virtual teaching proficiency with focused training at your location or online

  • Effectively use advanced features in online platforms

“The Leadership Strategies team has put their creative hats on to combat Zoom fatigue. Every faculty member has brought something new, which has added to our virtual curriculum. “

Sylvia T., Program Manager, Incident Manager Training  & Development, CDC


At Leadership Strategies, we provide virtual training, coaching, and facilitation services to educators across the US. Find out how we can help your district Level Up today!