Why take The Effective Facilitator?

Are you thinking about taking The Effective Facilitator but are not sure it is the right course for you? Watch and listen as our founder and CEO, Michael Wilkinson, counts down what our clients say are the top reasons to take this course.

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The Top 6 Reasons

Watch and listen to each of these six reasons to decide if The Effective Facilitator is right for you.

Reason #6: The Wealth of Resources

No other facilitation course will offer you more than the abundant tools, techniques, and training materials in The Effective Facilitator.

Reason #5: The Interactive Instruction

You will not be bored. From the moment class begins to the time it ends, you will find yourself completely immersed in a highly-engaging and highly-interactive learning environment.

Reason #4: Our Amazing Facilitators

Learn by example from a team of seasoned facilitators, including Certified Master Facilitators. Your instructor will facilitate the course modeling the same techniques they are teaching you.

Reason #3: The Comprehensive Content

You will discover a clear and repeatable facilitation approach for leading groups and saving time. Learn the 10 Principles of Facilitation – plus the 100 techniques accompanying the methodology.

Reason #2: The Extensive Practice

You will have an opportunity to practice with your peers six times and gain expert feedback from a professional facilitator.

Reason #1: The Impact You Will Have

Armed with preparation tools, strategies to engage others, techniques to resolve dysfunction, and a bevy of other key skills, you will have the ability to reach better group decisions, often faster, with more buy-in.

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Sample Tool: The Secret of the Starting Question

Great facilitators demonstrate an innate ability to ask the right questions. They use key questioning techniques when preparing for a session, starting the session, focusing the group, information gathering, consensus building, and in every other stage of our facilitation methodology.The starting question is the term we use for the question the facilitator asks to begin a discussion. Typically, a starting question is used at the beginning of every agenda item in a facilitated process.