Buying Styles (Autographed Copy)


PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by Michael Wilkinson, Certified Master Facilitator and CEO, Leadership Strategies. This quick and easy read, packed with tips, checklists, and on-the-go references, unveils powerful new insights for successfully selling to anyone.

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Most sales professionals spend all their time and energy trying to perfect their own style of selling. Yet they fail to recognize that buyers all have their own individual ‘buying styles’…and when sellers learn how to adapt their own methods to best suit each buying style, they can dramatically increase their success rate. Presented as a ‘learning adventure’, “Buying Styles” begins with a fictional situation in which a salesperson has just lost a major sale…and decides to find out why. This quick and easy read, packed with tips, checklists, and on-the-go references, unveils powerful new insights for successfully selling to anyone.
Buying Styles: Selling The Way Your Customer Buys launches readers on a journey of discovery.  Written in the reader-friendly parable style made popular by such business books as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and the One Minute Manager, Buying Styles introduces a new sub-genre, “learning adventure.”  This new style of story telling provides the reader with learning and application at three levels.
The Individual. Using the highly interactive style that characterizes a facilitated classroom, the author allows readers inside the head of Dave, the sales director, as he learns about the four basic customer buying styles and discovers how a high percentage of his losses are to clients whose buying styles didn’t match his natural selling style.  Readers feel Dave’s angst as he discovers that his top three current prospects have buying styles that match this high-loss profile. And readers gain reassurance as Dave learns and adapts strategies for addressing each one.
The Team. While Dave goes through his own self-discovery, readers also see the different styles in action as Dave interacts with the other four people from different companies that make up his sub-team in the learning adventure.  The stresses and successes of the team’s interaction give readers a double dose of observing buying styles at work.
The Facilitator. Buying Styles introduces the facilitator, a character who delivers the core information that makes up the book’s content by employing a variety of facilitation techniques and engagement strategies that demonstrate how expert facilitation can lead to high ownership of concepts and application of principles.
Michael Wilkinson, the author of Buying Styles, is the manager director of Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company.  Along with being the leading provider of facilitation skills training in the nation and the largest supplier of meeting facilitators through its network of over 300 facilitators under contract, Leadership Strategies also provides training in leadership, communications, consulting, and sales skills.
Wilkinson is a national leader in the facilitation industry.  He is a Board member of the International Institute for Facilitation, founder of the National Facilitator Database, and one of the first five Certified Master Facilitators in the world.  He was named Facilitator of the Year in 2003 by the Southeast Association of Facilitators.
Wilkinson is the author of The Secrets of Facilitation (Jossey-Bass, 2004) and The Secrets to Masterful Meetings (Leadership Strategies Publishing, 2005).  He is a much sought after facilitator, trainer and speaker, both in the U.S. and around the globe. He has completed international assignments in Bangkok, Brisbane, Glasgow, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and Wellington.
Buying Styles is targeted at the millions of people in the sales profession seeking to increase their skills, their win-loss percentage, and their income. With its focus on the way customers buy, Buying Styles is a perfect compliment to the popular sales process books such as Solution Selling, Strategic Selling, SPIN Selling, and CustomerCentric Selling.  Leadership Strategies will include the Buying Styles book as participant materials in its Buying Styles training class. The training class is intended to increase demand for the book, and vice versa.



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