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Learn how to establish common goals, develop workable solutions, and collaborate effectively. Train your workforce at every level to be highly effective as individual employees and as part of closely-knit teams focused on realizing organizational goals.

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How Poor Work Culture Could Be Stifling Your Organization

A poor work environment prevents your employees from thriving in your organization. It stifles their creativity, resourcefulness, and innate desire for collaboration to produce desired results. What's worse is that it suffocates employee initiative and turns them into mindless robots that merely follow directions. They do just enough to push the workflow to the next person while taking little to no ownership of the projects.

Here are some signs of poor work culture that could be affecting your organization:

  • Absence of clear organizational goals
  • Little to no hiring from within
  • High employee absenteeism
  • Excessive and unhealthy employee competition
  • Infighting among leadership
  • Opaque promotion or success process
  • Opaque decision-making among leadership
  • Employees tend to hide bad decisions
  • Discussions and meetings tend to spiral into arguments
  • Little to no trust between employees

Impact of Positive Work Culture on Organizations

Positive work culture has a diametrically opposite impact on employees. They are full of hope for the future of their organization and their own future in it. Their morale is strong; they are more confident in sharing their ideas and solutions with each other; as a team, they feel capable of overcoming any challenge thrown at them.

Here’s what positive work environments look like:

  • Clear organization goals and core values
  • Promotes fearlessness by not punishing mistakes
  • Every employee feels valuable
  • Performance and commitment are rewarded
  • Transparent decision-making at all leadership levels
  • Excellent growth opportunities
  • Employees proactively refer candidates for hire
  • Low attrition
  • Little to no gossiping
  • New ideas flow freely
  • Meetings tend to end with solutions

Signs of a Well-designed Training Program

It is visually and mentally engaging

Conveys the importance of the training wit

It is mindful of different learning styles

Inspires audiences to participate

Encourages application of learning with real-world cases and simulations

Gives clear, actionable tips to practice
newly acquired skills

Signs of a Well-designed Training Program

  • It is visually and mentally engaging
  • Conveys the importance of the training
  • It is mindful of different learning styles
  • Inspires audiences to participate
  • Encourages application of learning with real-world cases and simulations
  • Gives clear, actionable tips to practice newly acquired skills


The Facilitative Leader Workshop

With a more hands-on approach, The Facilitative Leader workshop gives participants the leadership qualities that will help them build trust, give praise, and win the loyalty of their teams. Our dynamic training also gives them an action plan for skillfully and confidently empowering, engaging, inspiring, guiding, and leading.

Master the key principles of "Taking a Facilitative Approach (TAFA)" to become a facilitative leader.

The Effective Facilitator Course

Our flagship course captures the essential skills of every high-functioning business leader – the ability to motivate, build consensus, manage dysfunction, maintain focus, generate ownership and inspire action.

Learn the tools and techniques master facilitators use to achieve brilliant results through groups.

Facilitating Masterful Meetings

To increase efficiency and effectiveness and create a culture that emphasizes tangible outcomes from meetings, revolutionize your meetings with a step-by-step guide, loaded with actionable techniques.

Learn how to facilitate meetings that sidestep dysfunctional behavior, make efficient use of time, bring groups to consensus, and end with clarity and commitment from all stakeholders.

DISCourse: Facilitating Communication

Understand your natural communication style represented across four dimensions – Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance – and master the clues for identifying other people's styles. Apply your newfound knowledge to adapt your style to skillfully engage, inspire, and lead a diverse team of individuals into high productivity and effectiveness.

Witness drastic improvements in your one-on-one communication with peers, friends, family, clients, and everyone else you meet in your life after completing this program.


Issue resolution

Take a scientific approach to resolving conflicts using time-tested principles that sidestep negativity and promote healthy working relationships between your employees.

Review the five Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes (including taking the Thomas-Kilmann Assessment) and understand the Cycles of Conflict Management to skillfully and effectively diffuse intra- and inter-team conflicts.

Team building

Discover the building blocks of happy and high-performance teams. They are aligned with the organization's vision. So, these teams are fully committed to the vision's Why, What, and How of that vision.

Get actionable insights for improving your group's trust, leadership, alignment, readiness, and happiness quotient, and turn it into a high-functioning team.

HR Practices Audit

Let us analyze your HR practices and work culture to better understand how they're affecting your employee morale, productivity, and organizational performance as a whole.

Get fully tailored reports on the critical aspects of your work environment that require your immediate attention, along with suggestions on improving them to create a nurturing workplace for every employee in your organization.

Strategic Goals and Values

Establish the guiding principles and objectives that direct every decision your employees make at every level of your organization. Understand how you communicate these values to your workforce through open communication and skilled leadership.

Learn how to develop a roll-out plan for communicating your organization's vision, mission, and core values to your workforce and ensure that they are absorbed at all levels.

Create a Nurturing Work Culture

Successful organizations are not a result of their employees’ skills alone. They are a product of highly driven, committed, and resourceful employees that enjoy working together to achieve extraordinary results. They embrace your organizational principles, feel genuinely appreciated for their contribution, and know they have the potential for growth based entirely on their performance. They love working for you.

Sign up for our courses and services to build an organization you are proud of, and your employees love.


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Our programs help managers and trainers within organizations to translate key elements of successful classroom experiences to the virtual setting and tailor them to deliver effective skills and knowledge transfer. Sign up for our courses and level up your training programs.

Support your teams in achieving their targeted outcomes. Book a professional team-building facilitator to help increase trust and create long-term success.

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