Facilitation Skills are Essential for Project Managers

Bring out the best in your team with proven techniques that help you enhance your group management, team building, and communication skills!

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The Effective Facilitator

Help your teams develop workable, realistic solutions.

The Effective Facilitator consists of 4 days of in-person training. The class covers the 10 principles of facilitation, more than 100 techniques, and includes 6 exercises culminating a video-taped practice session.

Participants will learn a comprehensive approach top facilitators use to prepare for success, get a session started, focus the group, understand the power of the pen, gather information, manage dysfunction, build consensus, maintain high energy, close the session, and construct customized agendas.

Learn How To:

  • Get groups to develop and agree upon workable, realistic plans or solutions to issues.
  • Create a vision that motivates people to action.
  • Engage groups in developing solutions and generate ownership that leads to results.
  • Utilize a comprehensive approach used by top facilitators– from getting a session started, to focusing the group, to managing dysfunction, to closing the session.
  • And much more!

Unlike other facilitation courses, The Effective Facilitator devotes 80% of its curriculum to learning and practicing the group techniques that separate great facilitators from good ones. Our proprietary approach to training ( Practical, Dynamic, Interactive) ensures you get the results you’re looking for: Practical techniques that can be immediately applied; Dynamic, high energy instructors; and Interactive exercises and practice sessions. To date, more than 95% of attendees rate this course as the BEST or ONE OF THE BEST courses they’ve ever taken!

*PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) Activity: Up to 24 PDUs

Also available in a virtual edition.

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Managing Business Relationships

Discover the keys to successful client relationship management.

The Strategies for Managing Business Relationships course has you working in teams from the start to discover keys to successful client relationship management. The skill that often separates top professionals from average ones is their ability to effectively manage client relationships. In a client-focused organization, you must be adept at probing to identify the client’s real need, setting and managing expectations, adapting to communication styles, and gaining buy-in for solutions.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Probe and ask key questions to help clients discover their real needs
  • Gain your client’s confidence and develop a trusted advisor relationship
  • Read your client’s communication style
  • Communicate effectively with clients about status, issues, and challenges
  • Set and manage expectations
  • Recover effectively from errors and mistakes

We employ advanced facilitation techniques to keep you engaged while you learn powerful techniques that you can apply immediately . You’ll also receive your personalized DISC profile, a 20+ page report that shows you how to adjust your communication style to better communicate with your clients.

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The Facilitative Consultant

Build critical skills to increase credibility, improve communication, and manage expectations.

The Facilitative Consultant course provides a structured framework for consulting, with foundation techniques and client handling strategies for each stage of the consulting process. You’ll discover how to manage client relationships effectively and achieve the results they want. We’ll teach you a comprehensive framework for all stages of the consulting process, from defining client needs to running a project and reviewing results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Listen to client requests and ask key questions to help clients discover their real needs
  • Gain client confidence and maintain a trusting relationship
  • Communicate effectively with clients about status, issues and challenges
  • Understand your DISC communication style
  • Apply strategies for working with different DISC communication styles
  • Uncover the common barriers to team success and prevention strategies
  • Develop and present convincing recommendations that address key client objectives
  • Set appropriate expectations with client and manage them throughout the project life cycle
  • Respond effectively to reasonable and unreasonable requests from clients

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Secrets to Facilitating Strategy

A step-by-step process for guiding your team to strategic planning success.

The Secrets to Facilitating Strategy course provides a detailed understanding of each of the building blocks that make up a strategic plan and strategies for facilitating teams through the strategic planning process. Our PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) approach provides practical step-by-step direction including a road map for constructing a strategic plan for your organization and tips for judging the quality of each component of your plan, dynamic instruction from carefully selected energetic facilitators, and interactive practice sessions including in-class exercises and team breakout sessions to reinforce your learning.

You will learn:

  • A clear understanding of the key components of a strategic plan and the steps in the strategic planning process
  • Guidelines for developing a strategic plan and evaluating its quality
  • Techniques for facilitating a team through the strategic planning process
  • Primary pitfalls to avoid

Plus you’ll get practice opportunities to employ the techniques!

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Getting all your stakeholders on the same page is essential to project management success.

Facilitation is used to create a mutual understanding in regard to scope, expectations, and outcomes. Today’s complex project management assignments require facilitation skills. In addition to the suggested courses for project managers, we provide facilitation training in a multitude of areas including leadership development, presentation skills, and training delivery. Take a look!

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Develop the skills you need to:

  • Ensure your team communicates and collaborates effectively

  • Enhance your ability to manage group dynamics

  • Reach mutual agreements and create ideal project management plans

  • Prepare, start, conduct, and close successful, productive meetings

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Today’s project managers must be able to motivate groups, build consensus, manage dysfunction, maintain focus, generate ownership, and inspire their teams to action.

“I feel like I have gained valuable skills which will last a lifetime, and feel much more confident in my facilitation abilities. The day after my training I was able to use the techniques taught to nail a high stakes presentation I had been worrying about for weeks! “

Emma P., Information Technology and Strategic Performance Intern, WSSC Water


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