From Management to Leadership

Soft skills gaps are a leading concern for professionals, especially those quickly climbing the ranks in management and leadership

Whether you’re stepping into a leadership role for the first time within your organization, seeking professional growth, or looking for the path to begin your pursuit of leadership based career,  Leadership Strategies offers world class training to propel your success. The From Management to Leadership course includes our Take a Facilitative Approach (TAFA) methodology, both newcomers and experienced managers can enhance their capacity to motivate, empower, and connect with others. This method allows you to progress through three distinct stages of leadership, culminating in the creation of an action plan grounded on established facilitation principles.

Set yourself or your team up for success by both learning and practicing soft skills and engagement techniques in this one of a kind emerging leaders workshop

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Who will benefit from this course?

Ideal For:

  • Team Leads
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Project Managers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Development Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs

Needing To:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Strengthen Soft Skills
  • Motivate & Inspire teams
  • Improve Coaching Effectiveness
  • Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • Get Better Results

What you will learn

The Leadership Strategies From Management to Leadership  workshop is an interactive, modular series of sessions that equip new and experienced managers alike with a framework for understanding the role and impact of successful leaders.

You will learn how facilitation principles can enhance your ability to spur positive action within your organization. We’ll define key qualities of teams, managers and leaders, share methods for building trust, explain a demonstrated technique for giving praise, and outline a useful decision matrix. By the end of this dynamic training, you’ll have an action plan for skillfully and confidently empowering, engaging, inspiring, guiding – and leading.

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 Individual Training – Four course modules:

  1. Getting Started, Facilitating Yourself
  2. Facilitating Communication
  3. Facilitating and Coaching Individuals
  4. Facilitating Your Team

Course Description for Individuals Seeking Training

Team Training – Eight course modules:

  1. Getting Started, Facilitating Yourself
  2. Facilitating Communication
  3. Facilitating and Coaching Individuals
  4. Facilitating Your Team
  5. Facilitating Your Strategy
  6. Facilitating Agreement
  7. Facilitating Meetings: Part 1
  8. Facilitating Meetings: Part 2

Course Description for Teams Seeking Training

Want a sneak peak of content delivered in this course?

Here is a clip of Leadership Strategies Founder, Michael Wilkinson, speaking on the three levels of leadership…

Formats for Private Workshops

(All workshops can be delivered as in-person instructor led training or virtually delivered instructor led training)

When delivered privately, the eight half-day modules can be customized to suit client schedules and leadership team preferences. For example:

  • Eight half-day sessions (module 1, module 2, module 3, etc.) delivered on weekly basis
  • Three full-day sessions (modules 1-3 first day, modules 4-6 second day, modules 7-8 third day)
  • One full-day session (modules 1-3), five half-day sessions (modules 4-8)

Choose Your Delivery

From Management to Leadership is offered at various times throughout the year and is typically offered as a virtual live instructor led workshop. This option is ideal for individuals looking for professional development in a small group setting.

2 Days: $1,595


Private classes are fully customizable, taught at your location, and provide the best value for groups of 10 or more. Contact us for more information about scheduling a private class.

*If you have fewer than 10 people, but still desire a personalized, private learning experience, consider collaborating with other departments in your organization or other organizations near you.

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