Team Building

Team Building Facilitation

A strong team can be quite effective in achieving the ultimate ends of an organization. However, dysfunctional behavior, a lack of trust, poor communication, and an inability to address disagreement are common threats to teams.

At Leadership Strategies, we deliver a three-level approach to team building project orientation, team building, and skills building, making up our Team Activation Process (TAP). Our process is customized based on the specific needs of your team and the critical outcomes to be achieved.

Team Review

Through our extensive experience working with teams, we have identified eight essentials for team success. These critical elements strongly influence a team’s ability to deliver results. Does your team have all eight essentials?

Our Team Review process researches and evaluates the make-up and condition of your team against the eight essentials.

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Meetings Transformation

Many managers spend 50% or more of their time in meetings. On average, employees attend 62 meetings a month and exhaust 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings.* While some are productive, the vast majority of meetings are poorly planned, unfocused and a considerable waste of resources. Break these startling and costly statistics with meetings transformation.

Our meetings transformation services provide you with a guide for revitalizing your organization’s perception and accepted protocol of meetings. We will arm you with a comprehensive approach, road map, and tools to empower every individual with the right meeting skills.

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Focus Groups

Many organizations recognize the benefit of bringing together a group of customers, users, members, or prospects to better understand their views on current and potential products and services. Feedback is essential to continuous improvement efforts and can serve as a catalyst for identifying areas for potential competitive advantage.

Our facilitation processes are highly effective for focus group sessions. During the design stage, our superb planning skills will help you isolate your key objectives, identify critical success factors, and design a process and questions that achieve the desired aim. Once the process is designed, our fine-tuned facilitation skills ensure that the focus groups are both productive and energetic.

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Board & Conference Facilitation

Boards and conferences are great ways to get the right minds all together in one room or event, but if it isn’t a valuable use of everyone’s time, the only thing people will remember is the crowd. Our board and conference facilitation services focus on strategically building and planning your board and/or conference ahead of time and ensuring active participation and purpose.

Board Development and Board Meeting Facilitation

Many organizations are successful at building a board of influential members – only to waste their talents by forcing them to sit through boring meetings as committee after committee gives detailed reports of past actions and current status. Let us show you how to break this pattern.

Conference Planning and Facilitation

Wouldn’t it be great if conferences could be both informative and engaging for the participants? Contact us to design your conference so that it is geared toward purpose and promotes audience involvement in achieving your desired outcomes.

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Community Engagement

If you are planning a meeting to gain community input, the last thing you want is for the event to degenerate into a “gripe” session dominated by a few grand-standers who completely derail the meeting. Organizations ranging from state departments of transportation to community service agencies have called on us to assist them in designing and executing community engagement meetings. Our facilitators are experts in structuring large group processes and managing difficult interactions. From our experience with community meetings, we have identified seven strategies  for successful citizen engagement

If your organization needs to gain community input, we have specific techniques for making the session dynamic and interactive, while maintaining control and yielding positive results.

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Issue Resolution

How do you get a group to agree on a single alternative to a difficult issue? Our issue resolution process is a structured approach that guides participants in moving beyond the positions and drilling down to the critical issues and criteria that should drive selection. Depending upon the needs of the group, we utilize a combination of seven consensus building strategies to help groups understand the real issues and create win-win solutions.

  • Gain agreement on how to address a specific problem with multiple alternatives
  • Identification of the key problem and isolation of its root causes
  • Detailed definition of key alternatives with strengths and weaknesses
  • Documentation of selection, criteria, action steps, benefits and risks
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Project Planning

The success of a project is fully dependent upon a clear and concise plan of action. Our facilitators help bring your team together to detail a complete project charter, including purpose, deliverables, roles, responsibilities and timelines.  We also take you through the additional steps that will ensure real results from your plan, by evaluating project barriers and critical success factors and guiding you on how to build these into the structure of your project plan.

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Process Improvement

An organization functions at its prime only when each of its business processes operate effectively and efficiently. Whether it is the process for designing new products, filling customer orders or rewarding performance, an ineffective process can threaten the organization’s ability to succeed. Our facilitators will guide your team in seeking solutions to improve your internal processes. Increase quality, speed and service to your end customer and achieve operational excellence at a global scale.

Contact us to learn how our seven-step method for process improvement creates effective solutions, while building buy-in and commitment from the people impacted.

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Systems Requirements

Numerous studies have shown that the majority of problems found during systems design and testing could have been prevented during the requirements phase. At Leadership Strategies, nearly half of our professional facilitators are veteran information technology analysts.

Our professional facilitators are capable of effectively applying our facilitation expertise to technology relevant processes. We help you run productive sessions with your customers to increase your effectiveness in gathering systems requirements.

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Personalized Coaching

Our facilitation experts at Leadership Strategies provide customizable, one-on-one executive, strategy, team and special purpose coaching for working professionals. Executive coaching was designed for key members of the company, such as C-level personnel and managers. Our strategy coaching highlights the necessary steps to ensure all the great ideas that come out of meetings actually come into fruition. Team coaching focuses on enhancing the performance of the team as well as the individual members of it. Our special purpose training is geared toward individuals in new roles and how they can best make that transition.

Our business development managers will guide you through an initial assessment of your needs and help you select one-three potential coaches for you to choose. We will also equip you with the questions and the guides to help you select the best coach for you!

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