Virtual Facilitation Courses

Virtual Facilitation Courses

As the growth of virtual meetings soars, the right skills needed for meeting leaders to successfully deliver them are also in high demand. Virtual meetings are more convenient, yet they are also more complex. This means that they require more preparation and must be executed differently to drive engagement.

Whether you are a large company with multiple offices around the world or a mid-size organization with a few remote employees, Leadership Strategies’ virtual offerings will help you successfully navigate in your virtual environment. Having trained more than 20,000 people in facilitation skills, we are now using this expertise to help meeting leaders, like you, make “going virtual” easier by helping you:

  • Eliminate virtual meeting dysfunction
  • Improve virtual meeting outcomes by building group consensus
  • Increase productivity through virtual engagement strategies

Which course should you choose?

Each of these training offerings will give you the tools and specific instruction based on your current facilitation experience and/or your typical meeting “mix” and size.

Facilitating Virtual Meetings

  • Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive is ideal for participants who typically lead virtual meetings with larger groups of people and sessions dealing with complicated issues. This course is especially appropriate for facilitators who frequently lead meetings where there is a greater chance of dysfunction, group consensus is imperative, or participants are typically unfamiliar with one another. The Comprehensive course is also more hands-on – requiring 3 training days – and includes four practice exercises.

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    • Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Essentials is ideal for people who lead small group meetings (with less than 10 people), where there is less likelihood of discord. The course includes step-by-step instructions to prepare and conduct successful virtual meetings by minimizing challenges and creating highly-engaged interaction among participants. This course requires 1.5 days of training.

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  • The Effective Facilitator: Virtual LinkThis course is specifically designed for individuals who have completed training in The Effective Facilitator and want the full advantage of learning how to master the skills remotely. Virtual Link unveils the engagement tools and techniques you need to make your virtual meetings more productive – even from behind a screen or speaker. In this one-day training, you will be taken through each of the 10 principles you learned in The Effective Facilitator with instruction on how to apply the skills virtually and with hands-on engagement. Prerequisite: The Effective Facilitator

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 Need additional strategies on becoming an effective facilitator in the virtual world? 

Click: The Virtual Meetings Book covers every critical component of virtual meetings – from planning and agenda setting to closing. The book also includes specific techniques for driving engagement and building consensus.

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