Webinar On Demand: 5 Keys to Leveraging DEI for Enterprise Success

Today’s workforce is more diverse than at any other time in our nation’s history. More and more, organizations are recognizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a powerful driver for successful business outcomes. As a result, DEI as an organizational principle is top of mind for many HR and learning and development professionals.

But how do you create a focused DEI initiative that delivers impactful change? Who are the right leaders? How do you engage your people and build the types of relationships that will allow your organization to leverage your DEI potential?

This webinar, moderated by Michael Wilkinson, CMF, and including a distinguished panel of experts, goes beyond recruitment and retention and provides real strategies for leveraging DEI as a driver for increasing enterprise success.

Topics Covered:
• Clear, working definition of DEI
• Examples of the business impact of DEI
• Approach to creating a DEI-focused initiative
• Insights on the science of inclusion
• The importance of relationships to drive long-term success

• Dr. Cherry Collier
• Laura Kangas
• Dr. James Rodgers
• Julius Pryor III