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Testimonial: AutoTrader.com

Jason Kean is a Project Coordinator with AutoTrader.com, the only used car website with over 2 million used vehicles listed for sale by private owners, dealers, and manufacturers.  In his position, Jason facilitates the general needs of his department and assists project managers with getting their work done on time and within budget. Leadership Strategies followed up with Jason soon after he attended The Effective Facilitator to inquire if what he learned in the facilitation course had transformed his business environment in any way. Here's what he had to say:

Let me start by telling you how much I truly appreciated [The Effective Facilitator]. I have used the principles I learned during this course in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. The only instance in my life that has remained unaltered by the class is my relationship with my dog. (She just doesn't get it!)

Having facilitated several meetings with executives and co-workers, I now run more effective idea meetings and accomplish specific objectives. I've learned it's highly effective when the goal is clearly stated and used to keep the group focused.

In addition, I ask direct questions and am getting better responses. I've also found I'm better able to read audience "non-verbal cues" and now have a tool box full of strategies I can use to engage audience participation in conversations. This makes for highly effective meetings and works great on Sunday mornings when I'm teaching high school kids who are still waking up!

Not only do I feel a personal change as a result of the course, but others have seen a change in me as well. My boss has noticed a difference in the way I conduct sessions. My meetings are more successful because I know how to address and resolve conflicts immediately, I can identify distracting behaviors and redirect them before they are out of control and I know my process cold so I can take a tangent, come back to my original point, and end my meetings on time, every time.

When not leading meetings, I find I'm a better listener and more active participant because I now recognize what it takes to turn a "good" meeting into a "great" meeting. It's awesome that AutoTrader.com understands the value of offering this kind of training to our staff. It is knowledge I can use in every aspect of my life.

Feeling consciously competent,

Jason E. Kean
Project Coordinator

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