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Client Success Story: Manheim Auto Auctions

Have you ever considered buying a car at the auction? Manheim Auctions is the largest and highest volume wholesale automobile auction company in the world with more than 115 auction facilities worldwide and more than 35,000 employees.

Owen Stephens is the Director of Career Development at Manheim Auctions. One of his co-workers had attended some of our classes and shared her experience with him and it piqued his interest. He did his own research on Leadership Strategies, and liked everything he found out.

In his position, Owen comes across many vendors for training, so naturally he was somewhat skeptical, despite the referral. After evaluating us to teach our Effective Consultant course, he said, “What was key to our looking at, and finally selecting Leadership Strategies was that they customized the class for us. You can buy lots of things ‘off the shelf,; but when you find a company that will customize training to match your corporate culture, that’s where the real benefit comes in. The customizing is what gets us the results we were trying to achieve.”

When the classes were over, he wanted some immediate feedback. Owen asked the instructor to step out of the room, and he asked the 16 participants a few questions: How was it? What was the impact? Should we continue to do this? “They thought it was one of the best classes they ever attended,” he said. “First, it was highly interactive. The instructor kept the energy high throughout the three days of class. And most importantly, they took their new skills and immediately started applying the new principles to their daily activities.” They’ve held 2 classes so far this year, and are planning a third for September.

Owen’s team is responsible for training all of Manheim’s employees, from the most seasoned to the newest. In building a partnership with a training organization, he said, “Leadership Strategies was flexible and sensitive to our needs. They did a great job of creating the perfect consulting class for us. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with them.”

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