Getting your colleagues out of the office once in a while has numerous benefits. It gives people opportunities for bonding outside of the traditional office setting. You see increases in employee satisfaction and productivity. Also, it’s healthier for everyone to not sit at a desk all day.  Co-working off-site is a great way to give your employees a chance to break up their routine and get some fresh air occasionally.

However, you want to ensure that they will remain productive and focused.  The following outlines several places which may inhibit the efficiency of your group outing, as well as some that are more conducive to keeping your team on track

Some Places to Consider

Today, there are many popular co-working spaces like WeWork or Roam. But, there are several other options.  For example, local cultural sites and museums often have available meeting space that can be rented by the day. You’ll get the benefit of working in an interesting and educational environment and these facilities are equipped to handle technical and A/V requests. Hotels are also a convenient option, and feature the option of including catering service.

Co-working locations to avoid

When deciding on a location for your group, logistics are one of the most important elements you need to evaluate. Certain places may offer benefits that sound incredibly enticing, yet fail in necessary areas that aren’t as flashy. A coffee shop, for instance, seems like an excellent place for your team to work. Everyone loves a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and a snack. However, since many freelancers and telecommuters also frequent coffee shops for working, it’s often very difficult to find ample space together. It’s impossible to know beforehand how crowded the shop will be or how long customers will linger at their table. In addition, your group’s activities could be disruptive to the others.

Similarly, the call of the great outdoors make a local park seem like an especially attractive place to work. But keep in mind that weather patterns change quickly. You don’t want to literally rain on the parade. Also, you will likely need to be plugged in at some point. So, a park may have inadequate electrical needs for you and your employees.

Wherever your outing takes you, investing in facilitation with a skilled focus group facilitator can open up new worlds of success for your business.

Image Courtesy of: Pixabay