Transforming the Great Resignation into the Great Retention – Webinar On Demand

While the job market continues to grow and employers have raised pay, the Great Resignation shows no signs of slowing down. This shift in the workplace requires leaders to take a facilitative approach so they can retain the talent they’ve diligently worked to attract.

In this webinar, Michael Wilkinson, Certified Master Facilitator and Managing Director of Leadership Strategies, and Dr. Bev Kaye, world-renowned author of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, provide an insightful look into Transforming the Great Resignation into the Great Retention.


In this On-Demand Webinar You Will Learn:

• Key strategies for engaging and inspiring your employees
• Techniques for fostering trust and a sense of community
• Innovative strategies for increasing retention by understanding and responding to the specific needs of your peopleon demand webinar button

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