The Effective Facilitator

The solution to soft-skills gaps – Give your team the tools they need to improve workplace culture through facilitation!

Leadership Strategies’ most popular course, The Effective Facilitator workshop, covers the 10 principles of facilitation, more than 100 techniques, and includes 6 exercises interactive training exercises. We can customize a course for your organization and bring our training directly to you.

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Learn proven techniques you and your team can use right away for an  improved workplace culture with measurable business results

Why take The Effective Facilitator?

The Effective Facilitator is Leadership Strategies most popular facilitation training workshop.  It’s popularity and longevity is a result of one thing: This course drives results!

In today’s rapidly changing workplace culture, organizations must recognize the increasing significance of “soft-skills” training for their success. While technical training is important, mastering facilitation and soft-skills is the true solution. The Effective Facilitator offers a wealth of tools to address common pain points, including:

– Keys to leading better meetings
– Strategies for successful communication
– Motivating your team to success
– Gaining buy-in and vested interest within your team or organization
– Establishing the path to achieving realistic and workable solutions

Are you thinking about taking The Effective Facilitator but are not sure it is the right course for you? Well, watch and listen as our founder counts down what our clients say are the top six reasons to take this course.

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Why it Works

Unlike other facilitation courses, The Effective Facilitator devotes 80% of its curriculum to learning and practicing the group techniques that separate great facilitators from good ones. Our proprietary approach to training, referred to as the PDI difference ( Practical, Dynamic, Interactive), ensures you get the results you’re looking for: Practical techniques that can be immediately applied; Dynamic, high energy instructors; and Interactive exercises and practice sessions.

To date, more than 95% of attendees rate this course as the BEST or ONE OF THE BEST courses they’ve ever taken!

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