Facilitation Skills Training Programs

We offer public and on-site private classes to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia, as well as facilitation training webinars. Our public training sessions are held in major cities in each of these countries and run from two to four days. Our private classes are customizable based on each client and their objectives and focus on facilitation, leadership, IT professionals and planning courses. Our webinars are free, and you can register online for the time that works best for you.

What is The PDI Difference?

People often ask us, what makes us different. When you’ve experienced a Leadership Strategies facilitated meeting or training class, you will know. We call it the PDI difference – Practical, Dynamic and Interactive.


We convert abstract concepts like facilitation and relationship management into detailed, step-by-step techniques for success. We not only tell participants what techniques work, we show them how they work, why they work, and when and where to use them.


Most people comment that our facilitators bring a high level of energy to their work. Through their dynamic facilitation style, they are able to maintain the group’s interest, participation and learning.


We keep our sessions highly interactive. Participants are constantly engaged during the session in large group or small group activity. This high level of interaction increase focus, buy-in and learning transfer.