Work with our team of facilitators

Our facilitators have extensive experience in a variety of industries, including information technology, business management, education, consulting, human resources, training and customer service. Each and every one of them employs our unique approach to delivering training and an array of meeting facilitation services. We call it our “PDI Difference.”

The PDI Difference

Practical. We work with you to understand your key objectives. Then we carefully design the agenda and our facilitation methods to achieve your outcomes. When it comes to facilitation training and skills building, you will be part of numerous exercises and activities designed to help you improve your skills and apply them the very next day. When it comes to meeting facilitation, your group will be hands-on and part of the process AND the solution when our facilitator is guiding your group to reach it.

Dynamic. Our energetic facilitation style energizes the topic and engages the participants. You will learn from leading facilitators who model the principles and techniques we teach, making the training motivating and lively. When it comes to training, your dedicated classroom experience will be engaging and unmatched. Our facilitator will have a full commitment to your learning during and after the class. When it comes to your meeting facilitation needs, our facilitator will make even your most tedious, complex session full of energy.

Interactive. Our facilitators engage people in constructive interaction to produce buy-in and yield creative solutions that meet the critical needs of all participants. All members of the group will be engaged in the process and the solution through our facilitation techniques. Through the use of ice breakers, engagement strategies, activities, and exercises, every single participant – whether in a classroom or meeting – will feel comfortable and confident to interact and contribute.

How Are Our Facilitators Among the Best?

To be invited to join the Leadership Strategies’ core team of facilitators, individuals must have significant industry experience and demonstrate a level of facilitation skill well above the norm. “The best meeting I have ever attended,” is the most common expression heard following a session facilitated by our core team members. And when it comes to training, over 90% of the people in our flagship training course rate it “The best” or “One of the best” courses they have ever attended.

We believe our core team members are facilitators first, trainers second. We seek to bring on the best facilitators in the field and help them become even better through our robust training and comprehensive tools and techniques. When you bring on a Leadership Strategies facilitator, expect to work with a highly skilled professional who can guide when appropriate, lead when necessary, but always with a focus on helping you achieve your goals.

Here are just a few of our facilitators’ accomplishments:

  • Eight (8) are Certified Master Facilitators – the highest designation in the industry!
  • Our facilitators are authors. See our articles in Leader’s Digest as well as industry-leading books, including The Secrets of Facilitation – considered THE handbook on facilitation.
  • Our facilitators are leaders in regional facilitator networks including the International Institute for Facilitation, the International Association of Facilitators, the Southeast Association of Facilitators, the Mid-Atlantic Facilitation Network and others.
  • Many were previously consultants from major firms including Ernst & Young, Accenture, and others.
  • Collectively, they have trained thousands of facilitators throughout the United States and around the world.
  • They developed the most robust database of facilitators, FindaFacilitator.com, with over 500 facilitators under contract and located around the world.